Who am I

Born on a Friday in the Spring of 1966, I was the first child of a dutch couple. They named me Elizabeth, after my grandmother, but called me Els, which is an abbreviation of that name.

I grew up the eldest of four, in Rotterdam, Holland, and as far as I remember, had a happy childhood.

School was easy, but at the age of 17, after highschool, I couldn't be bothered to pick up any particular study, so I just got myself a job. Working four years for a large insurance company, I picked up plenty of administration skills, and was almost never out of work after that. Worked for a million companies, mostly temping, as I didn't like to stay in one place too long. If I liked a place enough, I stayed a bit longer though.

I started my first travel in 1991, spending a whole summer in London. I didn't go to many places, but spent quite some time in London, worked in Israel, visited Egypt, and ended up meeting my husband in Brazil. We married in 1997 and had two kids, but things didn't work out between us, and I filed for divorce in 2002.

So, here I am, a happily single mother of two, busy all the time, but loving every minute of it.

Oh, and of course I should put some links here to pages about my hobbies and friends and cats and stuff, only I don't have cats. For those that want more personal info than written on this page, there's always my blog, which has an RSS feed to subscribe to ;-)