Computer and Internet

Mixing work and leisure

I've always been interested in computers, but apart from the odd DOS command and a few very simple BASIC scripts on a Commodore 64, I never really got into them, even though I used computers on a daily basis at work.

This changed a great deal when in 2002 I decided to become a web designer. It took me half a year to actually get started on learning HTML, but after that it all went pretty quick. I won't bother you now with the full story on the progress, but since February 2005 I may call myself a professional web designer, in the sense that I have no other source of income anymore.

During the learning process (which will never stop), I found a lot of information through Usenet, and I got kinda hooked on it. Usenet is a lot more than just a source of information, and I enjoy the Off Topic threads as much (or sometimes even more ;-) ) as the On Topic ones. Today, it's sometimes hard to tell whether I read Usenet for leisure, or work.

The magic of CSS

Apart from fun and work, Usenet also poses challenges. I for one, when reading questions, want to find out if I can solve the problem. Sometimes the challenge is how fast I can solve a problem, but on occasion the question is if I can solve it at all. Needless to say, the latter is the biggest challenge, and I find that the most fun.

Some of these challenges require a good knowledge of both HTML and CSS syntax and browser support for it. To a newbie, it may look like hocus pocus though, which explains the title of my CSS examples page.