A short stop in Jerusalem

On December 9, I took the bus from the 6th floor of Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station and arrived in the afternoon in a hot Jerusalem. I had already discovered that the official YHA hostels were way more expensive than any other hostel, so I took the advice I got from someone on the local bus, and instead of entering the Old City via the Damascus Gate, where the bus stopped, I walked uphill for some time (no level streets in Jerusalem!) to find the address they gave me, outside Yaffo Gate. The hostel I found at number 4 on King David Street was very small, and when I asked the owner to show me the facilities, I was led into a toilet and shower area where I actually had to walk backwards to get out again. There wasn't enough room for me and my backpack to turn around! I didn't like the place at all, but at the same time I was tired from carrying my backpack in the heat. I said I needed to think about it, and got outside again. What next?

Beit Shmuel

Right across the road there was a large really well kept building, and I sat on the steps of it to have a look at my map and address list. Coincidentally I found that the official YHA hostel was inside that very building, so I went inside to ask for the price. When I was told the price, I immediately thought it was too expensive to even consider, but then remembered that I might get a discount with my membershipcard. I asked, and indeed, the price became reasonable all of a sudden, even though still four times as much as the small ugly place across the road. The combination of the thought of that place, the sight of this very nice large and spacial official hostel, and the knowledge that I would only need a couple of nights and would be earning money after that, made me decide to stay.