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My first camera was a simple little thing, which gave half-sized negatives. I was about 12 years old, and took pictures of my brothers and sister, and anything I thought was worth a picture. My mother saw how much I liked it, and gave me an old Praktica mirror-reflex. I experimented with the macro rings and tele lens, and was hooked. I actually still use a Praktica, nothing automated, no batteries. Well, the flash does use batteries, of course. But I hardly use the flash anyway.

New digital camera

Added 29-apr-2004

Until last week, I had never used a digital camera, so all the photos I took I have on paper only, meaning I have to scan whichever I would like to appear on this site. So far I've only done a few sets, some of which you will find below. Each section leads to a page with thumbnails, which in turn are linked to larger photos.

Last week I thought it was time to enter the digital era, and bought a Minolta DiMAGE Z1, so most pictures dated April 2004 and after, are taken with this really nice camera.

Rhododendron flower

Rhododendron flowers after the rain

My mother's rhododendron is in full bloom right now, and yesterday I took a bunch of close-ups of its delicate pink flowers.

Updated 17-may-2007
Poppy flower and seed capsules

More pictures of flowers

Yesterday I took some pictures of poppy flowers on a piece of 'unused' ground in the middle of town. By holding the camera very low and pointing upwards, I managed to get rid of the urban surroundings, and have only the flowers in the pics.

Updated 14-jun-2006

Dimage Z1 Gallery

Five new additions :-)

Updated 26-nov-2005
A weekend in Antwerp

A weekend in Antwerp with Heidi

Last Friday evening I left the kids with my mum and took the train to Antwerp, to visit my friend Heidi. Flowers in the park, cocktails at Gringo's Cantina, and a picnic on Sunday afternoon.

Added 13-aug-2004

Dimage Z1 Gallery

I took some pictures in a garden in Antwerp, and I'm quite happy with the results. I've just added them to the existing gallery

Updated 13-aug-2004
Thunder playing Borstrock

Thunder live on Borstrock

On the 22th of May, Rachel invited me to go to a Thunder gig. It was only near the end of the show, that I found out how to set my camera to the appropriate sensitivity...

Added 13-jun-2004

Dimage Z1 Gallery

This section is different from the others, and will stand on itself. The pictures are larger (800x600) and displayed on a black background.

Added 19-may-2004

Spring 2004

Best time of the year to try out a new camera. :-)

Added 29-apr-2004

Egypt, March 1994

In January 1994 I started working on a moshav in Israel. After three months of picking and sorting tomatoes, sweetpeppers and melons, I spent the money I earned on a four week trip to Egypt. Here are some of the pictures I took during these weeks.