Quotes found on Usenet (and sites of usenetters)

Bill Logan: "Think reverse logic"
Duende: "Isn't that the same as female logic?"
William Tasso: "Nope - for that you need to think like a multi-tasking butterfly."

10-Mar-2004 in aww

"I travel the world, meet interesting people, and shoot them."

Barry Pearson (photographer) on his site

"Ur right... pre-coffee post :)"

Spacegirl in aww & alt.html, March - July 2004 ;-)
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"I took the "no-tables" advice so much to heart, at home I eat off an ironing board... :P"

Neal in alt.html.critique, 19-Jun-2004

"Piet denkt dat ik ook in niwo kom. Dat is pertinent niet waar, daar heb ik de tijd niet voor."

Leonardo in niwo, 18-Aug-2004

"In de Van Woustraat te Amsterdam zag ik laatst op een uithangbord 'div.broodjes' staan. Rare naam voor een class, dacht ik meteen."

Ronald Klip in niwo, 19-Aug-2004

"I am not sure what you mean by inomplete."

Tony Cortese in alt.html, 20-Aug-2004

"Given a conflict, Murphy's law supercedes Newton's."

In Erick T. Barkhuis' sig in niwo, 25-Feb-2005

"Well, there's standards and there's standards. There's the standard kind of standards such as the w3c standards and then there's the not-so-standard standards which came into standard usage in the more or less standard way. The w3c is "The Standard" so to speak, but some of "The Standard"'s standards aren't as standard as many of the more standard though officially-unstandardized standards standardly purveyed by Microsoft and other standard browser makers. Nevertheless, standard wisdom dictates employing the standardized standards over the unstandardized standards because a standardized standard is not standardedly considered the equal of an unstandardized standard except in a non-standard situation."

neredbojias in alt.html, 14-Jun-2005

"fairly 'static' - possibly in a dynamic type of way"

William Tasso in awww 29-Aug-2006