I've travelled the world and the seven seas...
(Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams)


I wish I had travelled more, but I've only been to a few places.
The first time I actually went anywhere outside the Benelux, was in 1985, when I went on a two-week holiday to London with my friend Martine. I enjoyed it very much, and was instantly hooked. From then on, I went to London at least once a year, just for holidays, until 1990.

In 1990 I thought I wanted to see more of Britain than just London, so, I asked my friend Mireille along, and off we went, on a three-week train tour of Scotland and England. Well, really, it was two weeks of travelling whilst staying two nights in each town's youth hostel, and then a whole week in London, staying in East Acton's Tent City.