This page is sort of dedicated to the Usenet groups I lurk and post in, rather than pretending to be yet another Usenet FAQ or explanatory page. If you want to know what Usenet is and how it works, Google for it, as there's plenty of information about it on the net read this explanatory page by William Tasso.

My personal view on Usenet

I used to think that Usenet was a group of groups, where I could exchange information and knowledge about all sorts of things, including webdesign. For some people, this is what it is. But in reality, it's actually quite different...


They really aren't. Instead they are small communities which share everything in an almost communist manner. All information given in the group, is equally shared amongst all posters and lurkers alike. Also all questions and problems are shared much the same way.

Over the past years, I have discovered that Usenet is a society in itself. Every group, much like a town, has its regulars (citizens), visitors (tourists), and lurkers (older women behind geraniums).


One of these groups is AWW, which stands for alt.www.webmaster. Technohippie, one of the AWW regulars, published an excellent information page about this group and its regulars, and asked me to take over this page when she didn't have enough time for it anymore. After a long wait due to my own busy schedule, here it finally is: the Who is Who of alt.www.webmaster :-)

There used to be another site, "Wipkip", by Duende, which explained completely different things about AWW. Unfortunately, that site seems to be discontinued.

At the end of 2005, Dylan Parry wrote this post: Looking Back in AWW.


A Dutch group I frequent is nl.internet.www.ontwerp. As it is indeed Dutch, the page about NIWO is also in Dutch. (Sorry, English speaking population :-) )


With so many people writing so many messages, one is bound to encounter all kinds of remarks, some of which I've gathered for entertainment purpose.